Projects & Selected Works

Here you will find examples of my work that I feel best reflect my abilities and strengths. Feel free to ask me about anything, if it isn't under NDA's or a security issue, I'll happily respond.

Employer: Immediate Media (2015-now)

Project: Leading UI/UX Efforts for

Currently feeling my way around the code-base. Some of my code is live on the website, but I don't feel I've done enough yet to lay claim to noteable achievements. Watch this space!

Employer: Nitrome (2010-2015)

Project: Website & Community

The Nitrome website was one of the most challenging projects I have undertaken. Due to the bespoke nature of the user experience requests, the system I built has auto-moderation, collectible items, nested comments, private messaging, badges, avatars, user customization amongst many other features.

Project: Loop (HTML5 Game)

I have never had so much fun writing code for a project than I had writing Loop. I have Nitrome to thank for giving me the opportunity to make this game with Giuseppe Longo. The game turned out great and became something I am truly happy with. It came 2nd at the 2014 Nitrome Jam.

Project: Icebreaker - A Viking Voyage (Website & Marketing)

This was another of my technical firsts. The page was used to market Icebreaker - A Viking Voyage (which at the time was a joint venture between Nitrome and Rovio). The game was the first of the Rovio Stars titles. I created a website that used Javascript and css sprites to create the animated background. This really set the site off.

Client: NSFW Design (2011-2013)

Project: Hanns Website

One of the first projects I took on for NSFW Design. Hanns Professional Salon is a prestigious hair salon based in the Medway towns. My task here was to setup a mail server and website. The project was a success.