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I've been a Commercial Web Developer for 380610819 seconds (or about 12'ish years). In this time I have made Front End UI design, Back End business logic and System Architecture my bread & butter.

Things I have achieved during this time

  • Created a monolithic User Accounts system, from scratch, serving over 250,000 Gaming Community members with a whole host of gaming goodies/collectibles!
  • Migrated the same monolithic system to new servers and kept data consistency... twice!
  • Designed Maintained and Managed AWS infrastructure to keep systems alive and well.
  • Managed Content Delivery on a global scale to deliver content as affordably and quickly to users as possible.
  • Built and maintained in-house networks to cater for file redundancy and introduced a managed Back-up system.
  • Built multiple RAID configured file-servers (RAID 1,RAID 10) to cope with the demands of the day-to-day running in the office.
  • Pushed memcached and PHP to it's very limits... and broke some stuff learned some valuable lessons in the process!
  • Built some HTML5 Games. One of them, "Loop", actually came 2nd place in the 2014 Nitrome Jam!
  • Learned Node.js after seeing amazing server-side performance gains and development speed-up.