Tom McQuillan

Technical Skills I can offer

A shortlist of offerings that could be beneficial to your team or company.


An Interpreted server-side language. Used widely around the web to quickly deploy websites and web services. One of my go to tools for working with data interchange between the back-end and front-end user interfaces.

11 years


Javascript for the server. As well as being great for deploying event-based servers, it is an awesome tool for creating utilities for everyday web programming tasks (like minification & concatenation).

7 Years

Sys Architect

If your website is running slow, you could be driving your potential customers away with frustration. Having sturdy design in your infrastructure will ensure speedy page loading times, around the clock.

9 Years


DNS is used to make sure your websites are being seen around the globe. DNS caching, AnyCast DNS and distributed DNS are integral parts of the web and something that I have had fine-grained experience with. DNS Lookup times are important.

9 Years


I have had years of experience jumping onto Ubuntu, CentOS, RedHat systems and understanding the details which make each system different. This includes using SELinux/IP Tables/Samba/FTP/ssh keychains/SSL/Nagios and more.

11 Years

Relational DB

Relational databases are multi-faceted animals. I've utilized PostGreSQL, MySQL, MSSQL, SQLite each for their respective technical benefits. I have designed SQL benchmarking tests and replication clusters to obtain optimal read/write efficiency.

11 Years

MongoDB (NoSQL)

I have used MongoDB in a few live projects to find out the benefits. For flat objects and datasets, NoSQL Databases such as this are awesome. I don't think it scales for Relational data though. It does for flat files, and is exactly what i used it for.

6 Years


I'm fluent in vanilla Javascript, using subsets of the language that I know work well in all cases. I also comfortably use frameworks such as AngularJS, backbone, underscore and jQuery. Anything that can shave time off of the development mindshare without sacrificing quality is great with me!

11 Years


There was a time when I cursed the fall of the Flash player. There seemed to be a gap in the interactive web space, especially for mobile devices. Now that gap has been filled in spectacular fashion with HTML5 and the Canvas/Audio APIs. Using JS to port things over from AS3 (both being ECMAScript variants) has made it even more viable!

11 Years


I can produce wonderful, simple transitions without the need of javascript, thanks to the new features of CSS3. This means I can focus my efforts on structure and design, in one place, keeping JavaScript free to make the User Experience slicker via AJAX/JSON and partials (Angular). A great thing for the modern web.

11 Years


I rarely use xml for my own projects these days. I am much more of a JSON advocate, but that's not to say that XML isn't important. It has been implemented in a lot of places for data-interchange in 3rd-party systems, so learning it was integral to what I do. When starting new projects that don't have XML interchange contracts, I'll champion JSON!

11 Years


Using JavaScript, it made perfect sense to use JSON as my data encapsulation choice wherever I could. PHP also has great support for serializing this data. It's in the name, "JavaScript Object Notation". A wonderful utility to use and abuse in any developers toolkit. It works great with AngularJS and MongoDB too.

11 Years